• Testimonials


    I feel that the staff here is very friendly, caring and knows each client and their needs. For example: Before I stepped into this office it had been 4 years since I had been to the dentist and I have 10 cavities and a root canal that need to be done YIKES! Through out this process they worked with me (mentally and financially) to make sure I could get everything done in a timely manner without coming into the office afraid for my life.

    Vanessa M.

  • Doctor Wier is a great guy and a skillful dentist. I was relieved to find him, because I'd previously been to couple of lousy dentists and had some pretty bad experiences. All my experiences with Dr. Wier's office have been very positive. As other commenters have pointed out, he's not into trying to hustle patients into procedures they don't need. Pretty close to pain-free, too. And he has a sense of humor.

    Rob R.

  • Dr. Wier is great! I started going there because I lived a block away, but have kept going even though I've moved to a new neighborhood. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the service is great. He also never tries to sell any cosmetic procedures or unnecessary tests like other people I've visited. I had my first cavity ever this year and was pretty terrified. Dr. Wier and his staff completely calmed me down and talked me through every step of the process, which was so helpful.

    Martha B.

  • My review is waaaaaaay overdue. I've been going to Dr. Rob Jr for many years now, and he's wonderful. Personable, engaging, and very attentive. Vicky, the receptionist/office manager is incredible. She is so personable that even over the phone you can tell she's smiling~ she's absolutely wonderful. Not only that, she's efficient, remembers your voice/name/face and makes an effort to always be kind and inviting. She's a great asset. I always leave their office pleased. I've discovered since going there, that I ENJOY getting my teeth cleaned. I haven't felt that way in the past. They are just that good at what they do:) Their hygienist, Diana, is the reason for this. Not only does she thoroughly clean your teeth and inspect your mouth with care, she does so without causing pain. She stops regularly to check in with your comfort level, and she is incredibly knowledgeable. I always leave the office with a new morsel of information. I really can't rave enough~ I'm so glad I found them.

    Sharon W.

  • Fantastic! I was so happy to find this dentist! Their office in Lincoln Square is a bit old fashioned, but way better than the "fancy, trendy" place I tried last year when I first moved to Chicago. Dr. Rob is very calm, confident, and keeps you informed while he's working on you. I had such a pleasant, pain-free, and stress-free experience. The entire staff is friendly and professional, too.

    Leslie C.

  • Just wanted to add to the love here. I found this place through neighbors and was in a semi-urgent situation. They took care of a situation I had with efficiency, great care and good communication, at about 1/3 the cost of my former dentist for the same procedure. They threw in free x-rays, too, since those would have exceeded their original estimate for treatment. Great staff and dentists. A real neighborhood dental center with caring, understanding people. What more could you want from people with easy access to instruments of torture? :-)

    Jack P.

  • Going there for about a year and a half. Root canal and crown, cleanings, old filling fixed. Everything was great. Very pleasant staff. All consultations seem honest, saying some things could be put off instead of pushing for procedures. The deep cleaning hurt a bit, but that was my fault for not going to the dentist for so long (about 20 years!--no insurance for a while). Appointments have always been on time. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for a dentist.

    Mike B.